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The Joy of Being an Airhead Bimbo


This is an old essay I wrote while on the Yahoo group Bimbo Transformation. It’s pretty much the earliest thing I’ve written about bimbofication, and if I were to write it again today, I wouldn’t put that much emphasis on the “guys are looking at the other girls” angle. Still, it’s a hot defense of why a bimbo should be ditzy (or dumb, as I mistakenly called it back then), and I hope you enjoy it.

By Bimbo Candy, 2010

As a university student, I feel there is a lot of pressure to perform well, get good grades, spend your free time with your head in a book. And what do you get for it? Time and time again, I see guys going after the girls who spend their time looking pretty, but who just aren’t very bright. And when I do find guys that are interested in having an intelligent conversation with me, it seems that is all they want. They see me as a fellow scholar, not as a girl who sometimes needs to be told to get on her knees and start sucking cock.

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Jack Skellington and his whacky company go on their biggest adventure yet when he and his friends hit the dancefloor.

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